Build Your Own Tree House – Pros and Cons, fasteners and hardware

Wooden Houses fun bonding activities you can do with your friends or family, and a unique and ideal hangout spot around mother nature. One of the biggest difference in my opinion between wooden houses and other on-ground supplements can build your property, the fact that the house on the tree swing – to varying degrees of height and size of trees and branches – and thus to a unique and relaxing feeling.

number of pre-conditions that must be met before this particular project would be feasible for you. The first of these is the most obvious:

  1. There is a corresponding tree in the property, on which you can build a tree house? This question may be some ambiguity as to exactly what kind of tree is considered appropriate? Well, this depends on the size of the structure in question and the expected load – number of persons, furnishings, etc. The bigger the tree house, the greater must be the tree.
  2. How is your height? Now it is not a good time for the child himself or anyone else, if you happen to be extremely afraid of heights! We are all scared of heights, to varying degrees, but if you lack the courage or ability to work comfortably in the required height, this project may not be for you. Granted, you can build is relatively low to the ground, and even the so-called "tree house" – in this case does not apply.

Now that they are out of the way, we take the other aspects of the building. When comparing the structure to the ground, a tree house can somehow seems like a simple project due to the fact that some of us have grown up "throwing" small makeshift tree houses here and there. However, it is important to note that a half-decent structure, whether on the ground or in a tree, careful planning and implementation of standard security code.

Here are some other issues to ask yourself before you begin the planning stage

  1. What am I going to use a wooden house? Depending on the answer, you should consider a roof and walls, or there may be unnecessary. In either case, a rail and / or walls at least one meter high safety recommended.
  2. How long do I want it to last? you may think that the answer to this question is obvious, but you must understand that the life of the tree house depends largely on the use of materials and the quality and number of layers of protective stain. Wooden houses, from definition to stand inside and the canopy of the tree where you are based. For this reason, they are more prone to premature rotting because of the protracted nature of the shade and moist environment. The fallen leaves and branches scattered across the deck can also serve as accelerators tooth decay if they are swept off regularly.

Foundation and soil-shaped

is one of the unique beauty of a wooden house in the fact that you simply build around the various branches leave them exposed in a tree house, enhance the "natural" atmosphere. As an on-ground structure, you need to start building the base and the floor. You can face complications due to the shape of the floor is off limits suitable bases its branches.

Therefore, there is an option to settle the non-square. This can be anything you want, or it can be a problem for you. In any case, you need to understand that there are certain limitations placed upon you a certain tree, with whom he works. Each branch of the foundation used to be able to single-handedly carry hundreds of pounds, and if you expect more traffic.

wood density and fixing Quality

Large wooden houses is heavier than the collective weight of the occupants must be designed to the various factors carefully, such as hardness of the wood and the recording quality and design have come into play. Wood will compress where the fasteners to connect the timber to varying degrees based on the hardness of the wood in question, which is the sinking of the wooden house.

Professional Tree house Fasteners – they needed?

There are different tree house fasteners available specifically for the unique needs of the market today is manufactured. However, the question always arises as to how necessary such tailor-made screws and brackets because they are compared to standard can be found at home centers. Often take one to several hundred dollars!

The first thing to keep in mind when planning the pros and cons of This is fairly expensive piece of hardware that trees living organisms, and is still growing, moves and changes its shape . Therefore, the timber housing and the hardware, which is installed must accommodate this movement. Simply bolting the beams results in a fixed tree branches will force the tree or pull the plug on the beam or try to grow around the light.

The first two will result in a sudden and dangerous error while the second will result in an unhealthy and unnatural growth around the light, thus leading to disease and decay to set in. Individual screws and brackets certain benefits trees growth section of the screw, which is deeply embedded in the wooden heartwood and a large shaft, which allows an axial movement is coupled with the female part to be connected to the light.

So to answer the question of whether these expensive custom parts are required, the short answer is yes, and no. Yes, if you do not have the know-how of parts that achieves the same purpose as the professional parts do not, if yes, and there is no need for a tree house for the last fifty years. Home centers and hardware sell bolts of large diameter and length that can be used, but the total can not be threaded shank.

The half or so, that is embedded in the wood should pass, but the remaining acts like a cushion to compensate for the wood must be smooth growth. You also need a women's piece, which fits around a smooth shaft that has a console that can be screwed into the beam. This is the women's bracket will have the freedom to slide along the shaft of the screw shaft smooth as the tree grows in the district. All parts must be made of stainless steel, and – among other things corrode error.

Obviously, the big wooden house under construction companies do not agree with the above opinion, and the ideal is to buy these parts. I can only offer an alternative for those who do not have a big budget, but still want to build a safe and environmentally friendly tree house. There is a chance you will not be able to locate the hardware that meets the criteria, so if you have no other choice.

The professional aspect when recording a tree house in the tree seems to "perch, do not pin". I agree wholeheartedly with this principle, and I have given an alternative above does not contradict that. But not everyone is looking to build a tree house willing to spend tens of thousands of dollars, so the budget is a primary factor quality of and what would build.

In any case, it should be a safe and fun place to accommodate imagine any activity. Taking into account the damage caused to the tree and future complications that may arise, as mentioned above, if you plan to simply the responsible and prudent course of action.

Source by Aigo Shimonaka

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